Lord Windsor Roasters in Long Beach

4 Mar

Long Beach has a surprisingly good coffee scene, with Lord Windsor Roasters and Rose Park Roasters leading the charge. It’s worth checking them out if you’re in the neighborhood.

It’s a much more relaxed vibe at LWR than at, say, Intelligentsia in Venice.  At least when I went mid-week, you don’t get the long lines and douchebag overload that you do at the best spots in Venice and Silverlake.  No WiFi, so you don’t get the horde of screenwriters you get at a lot of places around town.

If you’ve been spending $5 on drip coffee, there’s nothing that is going to surprise you here. Chemex and Hario supplies, roaster in the back, pourovers, espresso, cold brew (they bottle their own).  Strong hipster vibe without the manicured preciousness of, say, Handsome Coffee.

The pastries are quite good.  I can’t remember who bakes them for LWR, but this kouign amann was quite respectable.

And the coffee was great.  Freshly roasted, well brewed on a Hario V60.

Looks like LWR and the Long Beach coffee scene is no secret:

The LA Times
Tien Nguyen’s awesome Coffee.LA site

Lord Windsor Roasters
1101 East 3rd St.,
Long Beach, CA 90802

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