McDonald’s Breakfast Bowls — Surprisingly Not Bad

9 Mar

Flush from victory from rolling out all-day breakfast, McDonald’s is testing out a new breakfast idea to pull in millennials and change their image.  Breakfast bowls come in egg white & turkey sausage and scrambled egg & chorizo, and cost $4.39 and are currently available in many Southern California MCDs.  I think they’re definitely worth trying.  And, yes, there is kale in it.


Here’s the egg white & turkey sausage bowl.  It comes topped with some (boiled?) kale, diced tomatoes, and shaved parmesan cheese.  Surprisingly, what you see is what you get.  I would guess the only real shortcut here is that the egg whites came in a carton.  But otherwise, it is just like you would prepare for yourself at home if you were on a high protein diet.  (It has 27 grams of protein.  Yikes.)  The only real miss is that the sausage is really salty, so with the parmesan and the salted eggs the whole thing is kind of a salt bomb.

It’s definitely not life-changing.  But it tastes pretty good, is really healthy, and is reasonably priced at less than $5.  If it were plated better and done with a little more finesse, you wouldn’t be surprised to pay $10 for something similar at your local breakfast place.  I wish they had put a real pico de gallo salsa instead of just chopped tomatoes, but hey, that’s not a big mistake.

The only other real complaint is the pool of juice at the bottom of my bowl.  But I guess I’d rather have that than the opposite problem of it being overly dried out.

All in all, I can definitely see this being an option for those who want a quick, healthy breakfast on their way to work.  I’m not going to take the family out to Saturday brunch at MCDs just because of this, but I think they did as good a job as they could have with what they were trying to do.  I’ll try the other bowl and report back.

UPDATE: tried the chorizo bowl. Definitely much tastier, but not nearly as healthful. It comes with a standard issue MCD hash brown, which is delicious but is the nutritional equivalent of eating a side of fries with your breakfast. The eggs are scrambled with chorizo and topped with cheese, tomatoes, and onions. And they give you a side of salsa. The salsa is not bad, a little like a sweeter, less spicy Tapatio; but it’s really not necessary to flavor the eggs. The eggs are good on their own, and eating it with the hash browns is a genius move by MCD. 

Would I get this regularly? Hmm . . . Tough call because it is really competing with breakfast burritos in terms of price and flavor. It’s not as good as a good breakfast burrito and only a couple bucks less. The morning drivethroughs at MCD are always crowded, so it’s not even that fast an option. I think if I go to MCD for breakfast I’d still stick to the sandwiches or, if I’m wanting to not be such a fatso, maybe the egg white and turkey sausage bowl.

Oh, and here’s a shot of the delivery from MCD corporate. I love how on the 12 oz. oatmeal box it says “NO NUTRITION.”


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