Intelligentsia at Target — In Related News, Pigs Fly

11 Mar

It may not be the biggest surprise ever at Target, but it’s close. You can now buy Intelligentsia coffee at Target. It’s in the aisle next to the Folger’s and Yuban and Starbucks.

I’m guessing this is one of the results of the Peet’s $100m acquisition (and sign of the apocalypse). The bags I saw were almost 3 weeks old, so coffeedouche emptor. If you can find bags roasted within the last week and happen to catch the beans on sale, then this is a huge deal!

For a while, I’ve seen Stumptown and Intelligentsia at my local Gelson’s Market. While they also have the same freshness issues, I’ve had decent luck finding beans on the shelf within a week of their roast date. And when they go on sale, they make them down to $10.

Cheap coffeedouches unite!


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