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Chego East – Good News: Nothing’s Changed!

10 May

My tears have finally dried from the closing of Chego West. Good to his word, Roy Choi has moved everything east to the Far East Plaza in Chinatown and got up and running quick. This picture shows probably the biggest change (other than location): picnic tables and outdoor seating.

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Simply Salad – Let the Court Staff Eat Salad!

11 Feb

Simply Salad just opened its second location in downtown LA, bringing a quick, fast, light lunch to an area heavy on good food but light on this kind of thing. Across the street from Pete’s Bar and Grill, home of a decadent blue cheese mac and cheese and a frequent lunch spot for police chief Charlie Beck, and near Baco Mercat, Bar Ama, Blossom, and Big Man Bakes. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but not a lot for those still sticking out new year’s resolutions.

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L.A. Chicken – Tastes Like Lexus!

23 Jan

Never has the combination of an exclamation point and a question mark been so appropriately combined as they are on this sign for L.A. Chicken that announces, “La Chicken . . . Where the chickens taste like Lexus!?”

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The Park’s Finest BBQ Revisited

18 Jan


A quick update to my post on the Park’s Finest BBQ.

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Proof Bakery at Handsome Coffee

9 Jan

While getting Guerilla Tacos at Handsome Coffee the other day, I couldn’t pass up a pain au chocolat from Proof Bakery.
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Guerrilla Tacos – Gourmet Street Meat

8 Jan

Back to our regularly scheduled programming, could there be a new contender for best tacos in LA? Guerrilla Tacos is a months-old pop-up serving up gourmet foodstuffs in taco form.

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15 Dec