Corner Cottage — the Search for the Best Breakfast Burrito Lumbers on

27 Dec


Spotted on a couple lists of LA’s best breakfast burritos, Corner Cottage doesn’t quite live up to those lofty heights. But they make a perfectly fine bb that’s at least worth trying.

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Bar 9 Collective — A New Roaster in Culver City

26 Dec


Culver City, considering its reputation as a food destination, has been relatively weak in good coffee. Cognoscenti is awesome. Akasha and Rockenwagner serve Stumptown. Scoops Westside pours Intelligentsia. But the only real roaster in town has been the Coffee Conservatory, an older place near Sony.

Bar 9 opened a couple years ago to make sure that hipsters who got lost and wandered into the Westside would have somewhere to get coffee.

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Hiko Sushi

2 Dec


I don’t have much to say about Hiko Sushi, other than to say it’s great. People totally play up the sushi “nazi” thing. The chef isn’t very friendly, but he’s not rude. I’d say it’s more that he’s reserved and formal.

In any case, the fish is top-shelf, which is all that really matters. Click through for some pictures.

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Koala T Cafe — Adding Szechuan Food to a Boba Place. Hmm. OK.

12 Nov

I’m pretty open to ambitious attempts by restaurants to try something new. At least I like to think so. But a boba place transforming itself into a full service Szechuan restaurant? I couldn’t resist despite obvious warning signs. (there’s orange chicken on the menu)

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Cafe Citti, Sonoma — a Nice Red Sauce Italian Break Between Wineries

28 Oct


There isn’t much to say about Cafe Citti, a longtime local favorite on Highway 12 near Sonoma (it’s actually in the town of Kenwood). Even though it’s tucked between the ridiculously ornate Ledson faux castle and Kenwood Vineyards, it’s a laid-back place full of regulars. I’ve never seen a wine bus parked there, and rarely do you see anyone wearing a blazer. But it’s one of the better lunch options if you’re wine tasting in the Sonoma-Kenwood-Glen Ellen area.

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Roy Choi on Munchery 

15 Sep

Roy Choi is becoming the new queen of omnimedia. He’s now up to at least 5 restaurants, 4 food trucks, a consulting gig (3 Worlds Cafe), a sponsorship deal with Spam (the dream!), and a soon-to-be bonafide fast-food chain (although sorry to say I’m not expecting it to blow up beyond the couple they have planned).

Now, he’s testing the waters on home delivery with Munchery. (Yes, you can get Chego delivered if you live in the service area, but it’s pretty small for now.)

So, how did I feel about putting American cheese in my ramen?
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Seoul Sausage Little Tokyo Is Open, But Very Different from the Original

10 Sep

Just a quick note to say that Seoul Sausage Company opened up this week in Little Tokyo. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I first posted about them. They’ve since become a fixture on Sawtelle and haven’t changed much.

But this new joint is different. Really different. The food is much the same, with a few new dishes. But there is a full bar. And table service. And prices to match.

I was expecting a quick takeout place like the old place, which was almost like a stationary food truck (per its roots). I wasn’t expecting a $28 kalbi dish or everything to be over $10. Or not an easy way to place a takeout order.

Anyways, I’ll report back when I try it. Hopefully, they’ll make lunch a more casual affair.

Seoul Sausage Company

236 S. Los Angeles St. Suite G

Los Angeles, CA 90012