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Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookie Mix? At Target? 

18 May

Pigs fly.
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Momofuku Noodle Bar – NYC – Worth the Wait

5 Aug


Momofuku Noodle Bar is the place that launched a thousand pork belly buns, arguably kicked off the American ramen revolution, and made David Chang a Fooddouche-household name. It just celebrated its 10th anniversary — quite an accomplishment in the brutal NYC restaurant scene. Although the basic menu has not changed that much since 2004 (except for the famous fried chicken dinners), it’s still a mandatory NYC stop.

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UCLA Food and Science Pie Lecture with Christina Tosi and Zoe Nathan

20 May

I paid $25 to taste 2 oz. of pie from UCLA undergrads.

The draw was that the UCLA Food and Science class invited Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar and Zoe Nathan of Huckleberry and Milo and Olive to judge the students’ pie experiments and lecture on pie. Yes, that’s right — I paid to hear two great bakers lecture on pie but not eat any of their pie.

Also, guest judging were two UCLA profs and two UCLA alums, Jonathan Gold and Evan Kleiman.

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What Kind of Douchebag Would Take Pictures of Their Food?

24 Jan

The New York Times has weighed in and officially condemned taking photos of food at meals. That’s it. Blog’s over.

Here’s what happened when a woman had the nerve to take a photo of her $125 meal at Momofuku Ko in NYC:

Then came the slapdown. A man in the open kitchen asked her to please put her phone away. No photos allowed.

Restaurants Turn Camera Shy – N.Y. Times, Jan 22, 2013

Flying Pig Cafe – Culinary Plagiarism Done Poorly

24 Dec


How should we feel about culinary plagiarism? A meal at the Flying Pig (Truck) Cafe, and their blatant plagiarism of a classic Momofuku dish sparked this thought.

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Ma Peche – NYC Midtown Momofuku Lunch

11 Dec

On the occasion of J recreating a dish we had in NYC the last time we were there, I decided to post about the lunch we had at Ma Peche, David Chang’s midtown Momofuku spinoff.

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Take 5 Bar Pie – Worth It!

31 Oct


Baking break!

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie! I’ve been baking from Christina Tosi’s cookbook, Milk Bar. Having finally mastered compost cookies and crack pie, I decided to try out her take on the Take 5 bar, my favorite candy bar.


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Crack Pie Interlude

29 Feb


That’s right. Crack. Pie.

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