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Seen at Jamba Juice — the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

1 Oct


I asked the Jamba guy if they really use it and he confirmed it.

I guess over 5,000 reviews can’t be wrong.

Waiting in Line at Souplantation

12 Feb


I heard, but cannot confirm, that the Souplantation in Carmel Valley, San Diego is the busiest in at least the area, if not the world.

Presented without douchey comments, this picture of the line that I was almost done with after having waited 45 minutes to enter. A Souplantation.

3804 Valley Centre Dr,
San Diego, CA 92130

WordPress App — My Nemesis

5 Feb


Stupid WordPress app ate my next post — AGAIN!
I wrote out tomorrow’s post about Santouka ramen. It was brilliant — insightful, relevant, touching on larger themes of existentialism and post-modernity. Now it’s lost to the netherworld, where even archive.org can’t find it.

I’m aware that WordPress is a free product and there’s something to be said for gift horses. But as GOB Bluth would say, “COME ON!”

Taipei – Bikes for Rent

11 Jan

Walking across from Taipei 101 in the Xinyi District, we spotted people riding along on these colorful bikes. They have this great automated system for renting the bikes.


Just a random footnote to our Taiwan trip.



15 Dec


A Typically Hateful Gawker Post Explaining Fooddouchery

22 Nov

In my ongoing project to define what it is to be a fooddouche, here is a tidbit in Gawker:

“‘As a food writer…’
Stop. I hate you already. With that single clause, you’ve effectively announced yourself as an insufferable human being.”


This is such a typically Gawker piece. It relies on someone else’s work, an article in Slate, and only adds value in interspersing snarky complaints.

In any case, enjoy being an insufferable fooddouche today. Happy Thanksgiving.

This Is What Bringing Ten Filet O’Fishes to a Potluck Looks Like

19 Nov