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Sodas and Ping Pong

3 Nov


Some algorithm or dimwit MBA must have determined that ping pong balls would be a tempting impulse buy for Diet Coke shoppers.


Take 5 Bar Pie – Worth It!

31 Oct


Baking break!

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie! I’ve been baking from Christina Tosi’s cookbook, Milk Bar. Having finally mastered compost cookies and crack pie, I decided to try out her take on the Take 5 bar, my favorite candy bar.


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A Passing Shot – 4th and Spring

25 Oct


A shot of lights on 4th Street at Main in dtla.

You Aren’t What You Eat

17 Oct

“[T]he prevailing interest in food ‘represents a kind of perversity or decadence, an inward-turning dissipation of psychic and intellectual resources,’ adding that society now places more faith in what cooks say on how to live than in what politicians and clergy have to say on the matter.”

From the Wall Street Journal

A new book from Stephen Poole, “You Aren’t What You Eat,” critiques our modern obsession with food. The WSJ review critiques the critique.  I would critique the critique of the critique, but 1) I haven’t read the book; 2) I don’t actually plan to read the book; and 3) being a food douche, it’s hard to disagree with the premises that Americans are obsessed with food and that that is a sign of some kind of disorder.

Shamrock Suck or Suckrock Shake?

28 Sep


I’m one of a legion of fans of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake – that creamy, fake-minty cup of awesomeness from my youth. Being of a certain age, I yearn longingly for the things of my youth and think everything since is crap.

Well, in this case, I’M TOTALLY RIGHT.



Come back to me, green Grimace.


Since this is ostensibly a blog about eating

21 Jun


Seen on the back of a minivan.

Fozzie Bear?

21 Jun


What could this possibly mean?