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JiST Cafe Update – Apparently, I Was Punk’d

12 Sep

I hate to kick the little guy while he’s down, but I paid $10 for what should have been a $4 side salad at JiST Cafe. I like the nice people who run this place. I have had a couple decent meals, even if I think they should cut their huge portions and charge a little less.

But this was ridiculous.
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Simply Salad – Let the Court Staff Eat Salad!

11 Feb

Simply Salad just opened its second location in downtown LA, bringing a quick, fast, light lunch to an area heavy on good food but light on this kind of thing. Across the street from Pete’s Bar and Grill, home of a decadent blue cheese mac and cheese and a frequent lunch spot for police chief Charlie Beck, and near Baco Mercat, Bar Ama, Blossom, and Big Man Bakes. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but not a lot for those still sticking out new year’s resolutions.

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