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Kiriko Sushi – Innovative Flavors

26 Aug

I usually prefer my sushi pure and straightforward, as it is at Sushi Zo and Hiko Sushi. Kiriko Sushi is a Jonathan Gold favorite, so I decided to reserve judgment on the use of mango slices and lots of sauces. No surprise that Kiriko is really great, but it may have even turned me on innovation in sushi.

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Tsujita Dinner – Yes, There’s a Lot of Pork

9 Oct


“You know we don’t serve ramen for dinner?”

We knew that going in, having been for ramen during lunch several times. But the servers would greet everyone walking in for dinner with this line. Several parties walked out before sitting down.

I was prepared for disappointment, considering the expectations that tsukemen creates and after reading tons of Yelp reviews complaining about the dinner. But dinner turned out to be pretty good.

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