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Taipei – Bikes for Rent

11 Jan

Walking across from Taipei 101 in the Xinyi District, we spotted people riding along on these colorful bikes. They have this great automated system for renting the bikes.


Just a random footnote to our Taiwan trip.

Snackdouche – Doritos Golden Cheese

10 Jan

Part Four of our special Snackdouche: Taiwan edition.
The setting: TamKang Church in Danshui, Taiwan
The store: The vending machine in the lobby
The snack: Doritos – Golden Cheese flavor

A quick break in the action led to an impulse purchase of Doritos from a vending machine. What did 10 NT (about 35 cents) buy?

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Shilin Night Market – Part 2

5 Jan

Part One of my trip to the Shilin Night Market is here.

Part Two covers what we ate.

We started at a stall famous for shen jien bao, pan-fried pork buns. SJBs are one of my favorite things to eat, and this stall draws a crowd.
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Snackdouche – Doritos Late Night – BBQ Shrimp

5 Jan

Part Three of our special Snackdouche: Taiwan edition.

The setting: Taipei
The store: Wellcome [sic] in the Tien Mou district
The snack: Doritos “Late Night” – BBQ Shrimp Flavor
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Chen San Ding – the Best Boba? At Least the Sweetest Boba

3 Jan

Could the best boba drink in Taiwan be a glass of milk? I’m not ready to crown Chen San Ding the king yet, but a visit opened my eyes.
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Shilin Night Market – Part 1

3 Jan


What more can be said of the Shilin Night Market in Taipei? Like every self-respecting fooddouche, I make a beeline for the night market almost as soon as I touch down at Taoyuan Airport. In December 2011, they moved the food court to a permanent location in the basement of a new building (pictured above). I didn’t realize the site I had grown to love was a 10 year “temporary” site.

Pictures of the new food area after the jump.

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Snackdouche – McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie

2 Jan

Why would any self-respecting fooddouche waste valuable eating space visiting an American chain in Taiwan? Especially McDonald’s? Deep fried apple pies, that’s why!
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