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Bento Man Is Here — Isn’t What Little Tokyo Needs a Place That Makes Bentos?

25 Oct

Little Tokyo has been deprived for decades of the one thing its traditionally Japanese clientele has craved . . . Japanese food for lunch. What a cruel twist of fate that in a place famous for sushi bars, Karaoke, and handmade mochi would not contain a single lacquered wood compartmentalized box that could hold rice, teriyaki, and/or tempura.

Well, wipe away those tears, Little Tokyo, because Bento Man is coming.


1) Bento Man is open.
2) Uh, this is embarrassing. I didn’t notice that this is taking the place of La Chicken. So, no more Lexus chicken. Hopefully, these bentos will taste like Lexus.
3) interior pictures below

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