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Ramen Iroha Pop-Up at Gardena Marukai

24 Aug


Iroha is a pop-up stand at the food court at the flagship Marukai supermarket in Gardena. The eye catching claim is that they won a Tokyo ramen competition the last three years. That’s an easy claim to make when your customer (me) has no idea: 1) if this competition is legit, 2) if this ramen is the same as what is served in the Tokyo restaurants, and 3) if this claim isn’t an outright lie. With this basis in a complete lack of fact, I had to engage in this post-modern exercise in testing truth.

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The Park’s Finest BBQ Is Meatacular!

23 Aug


I had read about the Park’s Finest and their $10 lunch special. I’m not sure I knew what to expect. I like BBQ but I don’t really seek it out. The same for Filipino food. Would a sampler plate live up to some pretty lofty reviews?

Yes. Absolutely.

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