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Threads Cafe – A Cheaper Lunch Than Suehiro?

30 Aug

Suehiro is famous for having one of the most ridiculous lunch bargains in town — about $4 for a small bento lunch. It’s not great, but it’s $4 so what are you complaining about? Threads is a cafe on the outskirts of Little Tokyo which is offering a tiny menu of simple things for reasonable prices, including a perfectly serviceable veggie wrap for $3.75. It’s a small lunch, but for less than $4 what are you complaining about?

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Kiriko Sushi – Innovative Flavors

26 Aug

I usually prefer my sushi pure and straightforward, as it is at Sushi Zo and Hiko Sushi. Kiriko Sushi is a Jonathan Gold favorite, so I decided to reserve judgment on the use of mango slices and lots of sauces. No surprise that Kiriko is really great, but it may have even turned me on innovation in sushi.

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The Donut Man — Maybe Not Worth the Trip

22 Aug

The Donut Man is famous in a city that prides itself as rich in doughnut history. Every spring and summer is celebrated for the return of fresh fruit filled doughnuts, and fooddouches who have never heard of Glendora make the trek north and east to queue up at Jim Park’s modest doughnut shack. Without the charm of the giant doughnut statues of places like Randy’s (think Lard Lad), would DM be worth the drive?

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Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza — Should Be Wildcraft Lotsodough Pizza! Amirite?

20 Aug


Wildcraft brings woodfired pizzas and craft beers to downtown Culver City. You might think: don’t we already have that? Craft beers? You can’t spit without hitting three bars and restaurants that pride themselves on serving craft beers. Pizza? Ugo and LaRocco’s have been slinging pies for years. But sourdough pizza? OK that’s new.

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Bucato – Fine Dining, Tiny Portions, and No Photos

18 Aug


Bucato just opened in the old Beacon space in Helm’s Bakery, serving up fresh pasta and (surprise) farm-to-table, local, etc. cuisine. Bucato is the brainchild of Evan (“I just blue myself”) Funke, née Rustic Canyon, fresh off his stint delivering pork sandwiches on the Porchetta Truck.

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Marugame Monzo – Handmade Udon Might Replace Your Ramen Obsession

9 Aug

Since Tsujita came in and blasted LA’s ramen renaissance, new ramen places have come and gone with a yawn. It’s not going to be better than Tsujita, not even close, so who cares? But the opening of Marugame Monzo is something new — handmade udon as an elevated art form.

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Starbucks Pastry Erratum – La Boulange Is Looking Good

6 Aug

I think I’m ready to admit I was wrong.. I happened to be back at Starbucks this weekend and tried three more La Boulange pastries. Not incredible, but they are actually pretty good.
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