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McDonald’s Breakfast Bowls — Surprisingly Not Bad

9 Mar

Flush from victory from rolling out all-day breakfast, McDonald’s is testing out a new breakfast idea to pull in millennials and change their image.  Breakfast bowls come in egg white & turkey sausage and scrambled egg & chorizo, and cost $4.39 and are currently available in many Southern California MCDs.  I think they’re definitely worth trying.  And, yes, there is kale in it.
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McDonald’s Coffee – Free Coffee with a Side of Awesome

16 Apr

McDonald’s is offering free coffee for breakfast this month to compete with Taco Bell’s newest monstrosity (yes, I plan to try it). I was in a McDonald’s recently and thought I’d share with you, loyal FD reader, their in-store promotion of the new emphasis on coffee. Yes, I believe those are empty foil wrappers for ground coffee.


This is how I imagine the conversation went:

Manager: Underling, corporate is telling us we need to push our coffee. Let’s jazz this place up, really make people think coffee. Start with this big fake bag of coffee corporate sent us.
Employee1: Well, how much of a budget do we have?
M: Just take it out if your paycheck.
E: Um, OK.

** By the way, I actually like the coffee OK. It’s not amazing, but is lighter than Starbucks and has some nice sweet notes.

LYFE Kitchen – “Love (Half) Your Food Everyday”

12 Mar

LYFE Kitchen is the penance of two former McDonald’s execs. Having made their fortunes pushing 2,000 calorie, deep-fried meals, they’ve set up LYFE Kitchen with a unique, healthy concept: everything is under 600 calories. How do they manage such an incredible feat?

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Snackdouche – McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie

2 Jan

Why would any self-respecting fooddouche waste valuable eating space visiting an American chain in Taiwan? Especially McDonald’s? Deep fried apple pies, that’s why!
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