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Sweet Rose Creamery #2 – the Best Ice Cream Has Spawned a Child

25 Sep

Sweet Rose Creamery has been scooping LA’s best ice cream since 2010. But to get Shiho Yoshikawa’s creations you had to schlep all the way to Brentwood (unless you’re a millionaire yoga mom, in which you sauntered over after mid-morning yoga). But just last week Shiho opened the new Sweet Rose at Lincoln and Pico! So now you can get her unbelievable Valrhona fudgsicles with slightly less traffic infuriating you! Hooray!

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Humphry Slocombe in SF – Ice Cream for Ironic Alcoholics

18 Dec

Would a place famous for a bourbon and cornflakes flavor live up to the hipster hype?

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Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches – the Triumph of Marketing

14 Dec

Coolhaus has quickly expanded their brand nationally (NYC, Austin, Dallas, and Miami) and locally. Considering they launched from a food truck just 3 years ago and now have two brick and mortar shops, it’s amazing.

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