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Seoul Sausage Little Tokyo Is Open, But Very Different from the Original

10 Sep

Just a quick note to say that Seoul Sausage Company opened up this week in Little Tokyo. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I first posted about them. They’ve since become a fixture on Sawtelle and haven’t changed much.

But this new joint is different. Really different. The food is much the same, with a few new dishes. But there is a full bar. And table service. And prices to match.

I was expecting a quick takeout place like the old place, which was almost like a stationary food truck (per its roots). I wasn’t expecting a $28 kalbi dish or everything to be over $10. Or not an easy way to place a takeout order.

Anyways, I’ll report back when I try it. Hopefully, they’ll make lunch a more casual affair.

Seoul Sausage Company

236 S. Los Angeles St. Suite G

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Demitasse Pastry Update — Sugarbloom

29 Jul

It has been a very long time since I’ve done a Demitasse pastry update. I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight the fact that they carry Sugarbloom pastries now, which are pretty great, and reflect back on Demitasse briefly.
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Snociety — When Did Everyone Decide They Liked Poke?

4 Jun

Apparently everyone had a meeting over the last few months and decided that Hawaiian poke is the best thing ever. Little Tokyo got the memo and Snociety is set to debut soon.

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Creative Destruction and Destructive Construction in Little Tokyo

9 Apr

A cornerstone of Little Tokyo, the Galleria, is undergoing huge changes. The last couple years have seen new tenants come in, and now they are doing some changes to the facade.

Does this mean the end of the fortress mall in the 90013?

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A Rash of Closures in Little Tokyo

9 Apr


For all the hype the Little Tokyo food scene has gotten in the last few years, there has been a surprising number of closures recently. Fierce competition and rising rents seem to be taking their toll on an area where a lot of ambitious chefs took a chance.

Saddest of all is the closure of Bryant Ng’s Spice Table.

Who else has fallen and can’t get up?

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U-Space — Ukeleles and Coffee! Yet another reason to never go to Starbucks

15 Jan

Ukeleles and good coffee? You may never have put the two together, but this below-the-radar spot in Little Tokyo will make you realize the genius of the combination.

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Mama Musubi Pop-Up in Little Tokyo – 3/7-15

10 Mar

Aburiya Toranoko has partially given way to Mama Musubi, a rice ball stand that is usually at the Altadena Farmer’s Market. It’s not life-changing, but I definitely recommend stopping in for lunch this week for a great value lunch.
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