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Demitasse Pastry Update — Sugarbloom

29 Jul

It has been a very long time since I’ve done a Demitasse pastry update. I thought I’d take the opportunity to highlight the fact that they carry Sugarbloom pastries now, which are pretty great, and reflect back on Demitasse briefly.
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Demitasse Update – Pain au Chocolat and Samo

31 Jan

Word out of Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo is that they will open a second location in Santa Monica! The third wave coffee revolution continues to spread across LA, saving citizens from the clutches of Starbucks.

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Funnel Mill Rare Coffees – Taking Douchery to New Heights

1 Nov


What is “rare” coffee? Apparently, making a drink from beans that were pooped out of an animal makes it “rare” and “good.” I wasn’t ready for fecal coffee just yet. But would I get a serious cup from Funnel Mill?

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