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Roy Choi on Munchery 

15 Sep

Roy Choi is becoming the new queen of omnimedia. He’s now up to at least 5 restaurants, 4 food trucks, a consulting gig (3 Worlds Cafe), a sponsorship deal with Spam (the dream!), and a soon-to-be bonafide fast-food chain (although sorry to say I’m not expecting it to blow up beyond the couple they have planned).

Now, he’s testing the waters on home delivery with Munchery. (Yes, you can get Chego delivered if you live in the service area, but it’s pretty small for now.)

So, how did I feel about putting American cheese in my ramen?
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Apple Tarts Recipe

18 Apr

Beautiful apple tarts are not hard to make at home. I found this recipe years ago in the LA Times Magazine and pull it out on occasion.

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Huckleberry’s Blueberry Cornmeal Coffee Cake — Delicious and Pretty Easy

31 Mar

Last year, I went to the UCLA Science and Food pie event, at which Zoe Nathan gave away her recipe for blueberry cornmeal coffee cake. No surprise, it’s pretty great. You can get it at Huckleberry by the slice (with seasonal fruit), or make it yourself.

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Ma Peche – NYC Midtown Momofuku Lunch

11 Dec

On the occasion of J recreating a dish we had in NYC the last time we were there, I decided to post about the lunch we had at Ma Peche, David Chang’s midtown Momofuku spinoff.

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Take 5 Bar Pie – Worth It!

31 Oct


Baking break!

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie! I’ve been baking from Christina Tosi’s cookbook, Milk Bar. Having finally mastered compost cookies and crack pie, I decided to try out her take on the Take 5 bar, my favorite candy bar.


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