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Ram’s Gate Winery, Sonoma

26 Feb

Ram’s Gate Winery is an interesting place. Not interesting in the sense that you have an interesting time visiting. It’s interesting because this place represents the exact antithesis of Joseph Swan Vineyards.

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Ford’s Filling Station at LAX

24 Feb

Just a quick note to say that the LAX food upgrade continues apace. Terminal 5 is turning into a secret superstar, especially to those of us who mostly just travel through Terminal 1 (Southwest).

In addition to Lemonade and Morimoto Skewers, now comes Culver City stalwart, Ford’s Filling Station. The place has a full bar and an abbreviated menu, but is quite a step up from the usual Brioche Dorre or Starbucks. The menu seems to be lacking the nose to tail cooking Ford’s is known for (for obvious reasons), but the food looks pretty decent. And paying $15 for dishes instead of the usual airport $10.50 isn’t too bad if the food is good. Just don’t expect it to be a substitute for the original Ford’s.

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DTLA Cheese – Holy Cow! That’s a Great Sandwich!

8 Feb


DTLA Cheese recently opened in the Grand Central Market as part of GCM’s ongoing effort to recreate SF’s Ferry Building. In addition to an admirable cheese counter (stocked with Mt. Tam!), and Sqrl jams, DTLA Cheese has started serving a quick sandwich service.
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