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MB Post – An Amazing Brunch with Maybe the Best Fried Chicken in LA

11 Dec

It’s old news now that David LeFevre has activated a formerly terrible are to eat (Manhattan Beach) with MB Post and most recently with Fishing with Dynamite. What had been an area full of chain restaurants and tourist traps has been gentrified with one of the tastiest new restaurants in years.
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A-Frame – Roy Choi’s Food Almost All Grown Up

7 Dec

Another long overdue review. A-Frame is Roy Choi’s first (somewhat) serious table service restaurant after hitting it big with the Kogi trucks. Housed in a former IHOP, the space is an incredible reworking of an old tired building.

But the real story is the food. Choi’s food is always reworking classics with Korean and other influences.
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Muddy Leek – Ambitious, But Maybe More Misses Than Hits

16 Jul

Opening a restaurant in any circumstance is a risky venture, considering the crazy rate of failure for restaurants. But opening a restaurant at 8631 Washington Blvd. in Culver City requires a special kind of bravery. It is the graveyard of at least three different restaurants in the last few years, including Wilson. JGold put it best, saying the space “runs through restaurant identities like Spinal Tap goes through drummers.”

But how’s the food?

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