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Pitchoun — a French Bakery by Pershing Square

24 Jun

Pershing Square is an odd place.  Framed by the Jewelry District and the Biltmore Hotel, it is an inhospitable island of urban blight. (Read up for more info: KCET history of Pershing Square; Thoughts on redevelopment.)  But a couple new food places are popping up, including the very ambitious Pitchoun! Bakery.  Opened by actual French bakers with an apparently unlimited budget, does Pitchoun! live up to its aspirations to become a destination in the nascent Downtown dining scene?

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Take A Bao — Surprisingly Not Bad for Asian Mall Food

15 Jun

It doesn’t sound promising: a mall food court kiosk serving Asian fusion food made by white guys. I don’t think either of the principals has any background in Asian cuisine. But they manage to pull off a decent meal — as long as you don’t mistake this for actual Asian food.
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Snociety — When Did Everyone Decide They Liked Poke?

4 Jun

Apparently everyone had a meeting over the last few months and decided that Hawaiian poke is the best thing ever. Little Tokyo got the memo and Snociety is set to debut soon.

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