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Starbucks Screws Up Another Pastry – Morning Bun Update

1 Feb

After very mildly raving about a pastry at Starbucks that stood out from the pastry case by not being terrible, I come, hat in hand, to apologize to my ones of readers to deliver the bad news — EVERYTHING IN THE STARBUCKS PASTRY CASE IS STILL TERRIBLE.

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Tartine Bakery in SF – Morning Buns in the Motherland

26 Nov

The mother of Huckleberry and Sweet Rose Creamery has been beckoning with the siren call of morning buns. In SF, I made a detour to see if Tartine would live up to its legendary reputation as maybe the best bakery in the Bay Area.

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Starbucks Morning Bun – a Not Terrible Starbucks Pastry

15 Nov


I had a morning bun at Starbucks finally. I had seen it the last few times I’ve been to Starbucks but had refrained because of the inevitable feelings of disappointment that follow each bite of Starbucks baked goods. But hey, this was not bad . . .

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