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Momofuku Milk Bar Compost Cookie Mix? At Target? 

18 May

Pigs fly.
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Koala Tapioca and Rewts Tea — Decent Boba West of the 110

17 May

For a true bobadouche, it has been a tale as old as time that there was no decent boba outside of the SGV. This makes sense, as boba, or bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a somewhat recent invention from Taiwan and the SGV is the hub of Taiwanese immigration. But a couple new places are challenging the old wisdom, bringing quality boba to the other loci of Taiwanese and Chinese immigration, UCLA and USC.

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Steak Me Home Tonight

6 May

I miss Happy Endings.

Spotted parked at a Paramount Studios lot a couple years ago during the LA Times Taste event.

The website is still up.