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Essential Chocolates – Ding Dongs!

27 Feb

Essential Chocolates has two branches, one in the Westside Pavilion and one on Washington in Culver City, serving a small menu of handmade chocolates and baked goods. Full of precious confections, they serve the ultimate precious treat — an adult version of Hostess Ding Dongs.
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Blockheads – Taiwanese Shaved Ice!

7 Dec

The only adults who get excited at the thought of shaved ice are Asian (or shave ice, in the case of Hawaiians). Joining the Epicenter of the LA Food Scene™ (the corner of Sawtelle and Mississippi), Blockheads has taken the Sawtelle dessert scene by storm.

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Shamrock Suck or Suckrock Shake?

28 Sep


I’m one of a legion of fans of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake – that creamy, fake-minty cup of awesomeness from my youth. Being of a certain age, I yearn longingly for the things of my youth and think everything since is crap.

Well, in this case, I’M TOTALLY RIGHT.



Come back to me, green Grimace.


Crack Pie Interlude

29 Feb


That’s right. Crack. Pie.

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The Pie Hole – What’s Missing Here?

28 Feb

Seems like a pretty simple recipe for greatness: hipster neighborhood, social media marketing, previews at summer food events, AND PIE! Shouldn’t this be the greatest thing ever?


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Smiling Face – Best Boba Ever

3 Jan


Yes, this place is actually an outlet of the Beard Papa chain. Yes, BP is worthy of its own post. Another time. We’re talking boba, and my never ending quest for boba perfection.

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