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Seoul Sausage Co. – Rice Balls Like Your Korean-Italian Mamma Made

30 Nov

Another entry into what is fast becoming the new power center of the food scene in LA (the NW corner of Sawtelle and Mississippi in West LA), Seoul Sausage Co. comes fresh off winning that food truck TV contest to bring kalbi hot dogs and kalbi poutine to the masses.

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The Spice Table – a Eulogy for a Great Lunch

28 Nov

It’s now been a couple months since the Spice Table stopped it’s lunch service. Finally, my tears have dried enough for me put thumb to phone to write out this eulogy to a fallen hero – Spice Table’s bahn mi lunch.

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Ronnie’s Diner – 4 Stars on Yelp

27 Nov

Having driven by Ronnie’s Diner and read the 200+ glowing Yelp reviews, I thought I would sneak in to check out what I hoped would be a DDD-type place in our backyard.

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Tartine Bakery in SF – Morning Buns in the Motherland

26 Nov

The mother of Huckleberry and Sweet Rose Creamery has been beckoning with the siren call of morning buns. In SF, I made a detour to see if Tartine would live up to its legendary reputation as maybe the best bakery in the Bay Area.

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A Typically Hateful Gawker Post Explaining Fooddouchery

22 Nov

In my ongoing project to define what it is to be a fooddouche, here is a tidbit in Gawker:

“‘As a food writer…’
Stop. I hate you already. With that single clause, you’ve effectively announced yourself as an insufferable human being.”

This is such a typically Gawker piece. It relies on someone else’s work, an article in Slate, and only adds value in interspersing snarky complaints.

In any case, enjoy being an insufferable fooddouche today. Happy Thanksgiving.

Pitfire Pizza – Anniversary Special!

21 Nov

Pitfire Pizza is having an Anniversary special to celebrate 15 years in business and one year at the Culver City locale. $8 for a Tuscan pizza (the price of their pies when they opened) and a free t-shirt (seen above). It’s kind of a secret, so you have to know to ask. In fact, my cashier didn’t know abou it and had to call the manager.
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Demitasse – Pastries from Cake Monkey

20 Nov

Cafe Demitasse has quickly become one of the most serious (read: coffeedouchey) coffee slingers in LA. I love their coffee, but this post is about the pastries, mostly sourced from Cake Monkey.

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