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Koala Tapioca and Rewts Tea — Decent Boba West of the 110

17 May

For a true bobadouche, it has been a tale as old as time that there was no decent boba outside of the SGV. This makes sense, as boba, or bubble tea or pearl milk tea, is a somewhat recent invention from Taiwan and the SGV is the hub of Taiwanese immigration. But a couple new places are challenging the old wisdom, bringing quality boba to the other loci of Taiwanese and Chinese immigration, UCLA and USC.

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Half and Half Tea House – Boba with a Side of 30 Minute Wait

21 Feb


Half & Half Tea House has risen above the fray of boba shops all over the San Gabriel Valley to become the premiere boba shop. As a testament to this fact, hordes of people wait in line for a chance to suck down the intensely sweet, intensely tea-y drinks.

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85°C America – Imagine a Starbucks Where People Waited in Line for an Hour for Pastries

13 Feb

85°C is the Starbucks of Taiwan, with a branch on every corner and people from all walks of life stopping in a couple times a week for drinks — boba milk tea or sea salt lattes. 85°C has since opened 4 branches in America, all here in Southern California, but the draw is a huge assortment of breads, pastries, and fancy cakes — as well as a drink bar with many of the drinks that made them famous in Taiwan.

[* apologies for the lead photo. 98% of the clients are Asian, so this photo of the white girl in the inappropriate shirt is not representative.]
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Gong Cha – Salty Boba?

24 Jan

Gong Cha is a Taiwanese chain of boba shops that gives an interesting twist – salt-laced milk froth on top of tea. For a drink that is often candy-sweet, will salt be sweet or an abomination?

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Smiling Face Update – No Boba for Another Week!

18 Jan

I went on Sunday to boba-up at Smiling Face and heard from the owner that her supplier in Taiwan won’t be sending boba for maybe two weeks! That was on Jan 13, so you can do your own math. Keep in mind that she wasn’t sure when she would get them for sure. Until then you’ll have to either queue up at Half and Half or get one of Smiling Face’s amazing fresh grapefruit drinks. No boba, but it’s a heck of a deal when you consider what a pain the butt peeling grapefruit is.

Fooddouche review of Smiling Face

Dragon Beads Boba – a Fun Gimmick

11 Jan

During our visit to the Shilin Night Market, we also tried a couple bobas. One was forgettable, and one was the Dragon Beads boba – what the stall advertises as “filling pearl tapioca.” Boba filled with flavors. Crazy.

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Chen San Ding – the Best Boba? At Least the Sweetest Boba

3 Jan

Could the best boba drink in Taiwan be a glass of milk? I’m not ready to crown Chen San Ding the king yet, but a visit opened my eyes.
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Chun Sui Tang – the Mother Boba

31 Dec

Chun Sui Tang is reportedly the inventor of boba milk tea. While this has a high likelihood of being apocryphal, or at least disputed, I’m just about ready to declare this the best boba ever.

It’s at least the most expensive boba ever. That much is not in dispute.

[* Note: Apologies for some blurry photos here. No excuses, just lack of skill.]

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Lost in Translation – If Rob Schneider is Bill Murray, Who Is Scarlett Johansson?

29 Dec

Ten Ren is one of the most famous brands in tea here in Taiwan, a mark of quality despite its ubiquity. Rob Schneider is synonymous with quality in the U.S. His imprimatur signals to the consumer that a movie was made with the utmost care and only to the highest standards of taste and decorum.

So it should be no surprise to see Schneider as the featured spokesman for Taiwan’s most prestigious tea brand. More pictures after the jump.

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85 C Cafe – Danshui, Taiwan – the Starbucks of Boba

27 Dec

A visit to Taiwan is going to yield a bunch of Taiwan-specific posts. Let’s kick things off with a post about the Starbucks of Taiwan, 85°C.
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