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Lardo – Portland – A Best Sandwich Candidate

24 Jul

On my first trip to PDX, I fell in love with Bunk Sandwiches, so I told my companions for this trip that we had to go there. We didn’t make it. Because we first ran into Lardo.

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Pok Pok – Portland – Fish Sauce Wings Will Be Your New Addiction

22 Jul

No Fooddouche trip to PDX would be complete without a visit to its most famous restaurant of the last few years, Pok Pok. Pok Pok is another example of an emerging genre: white guys making Asian food. So Asian food is the new jazz. Andy Ricker is said white guy, and he is churning out the best Thai food I’ve had.

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Big Table Farm Winery – Portland – What Wine Tasting Should Be Like

4 Jun

Big Table Farm was one of my favorite winery visits of all time. A tiny operation in Willamette Valley, it’s the work of a husband-wife team who run it as an honest-to-goodness working farm. Oh, and they make some pretty good wine, too.

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Blue Star Donuts – Portland – Some of the Best Doughnuts I’ve Ever Had

17 Apr

We were told by more than one local that they were glad we weren’t one of those tourists who brought a pink box of Voodoo Doughnuts on the plane home. I had tried Voodoo a couple times before, once from a tourist friend bringing it home with her and another in Portland when another tourist friend bought a box to share. It’s fine if you want a regular doughnut with some Fruity Pebbles on it. And in the shape of a Voodoo doll. But if you are an adult and you actually want a doughnut that tastes good (and you’re in Portland), you should go to Blue Star Donuts.
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