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Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil — It’s Peach Pie Season!

22 Jul

[* this is a quick break from the PDX coverage that was supposed to end a month ago. I’ll be back to procrastinate on the PDX posts soon.]

Hey, it’s peach season! And what better way to celebrate the middle of stone fruit season than with a fresh peach pie. One of the best examples around is in Long Beach at local favorite, Jongewaard’s Bake n Broil (JBB).

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FarmShop – $20 Egg Dishes in Yogamomland

4 Dec

People who say they hate LA (who don’t live in LA) usually are basing their biases off two stereotypes: the idiots who are obsessed with Hollywood and the yoga-granola Westside set. Most of us actually live in regular old LA — mini-malls, traffic, apartment buildings, smog. Well, this is a story about one of those other LAs. Gwynneth’s LA. Where size 2 moms drive their Audi SUVs to yoga class and then to pick up their pressed juice for a Goop cleanse.

It’s in this LA that Jeffrey Cerciello, an acolyte of Thomas Keller, has opened FarmShop. In the Brentwood Country Mart, Cerciello has dropped from the heavens a simulacrum of the platonic ideal of the current farm to table ethos. It wasn’t enough to try to recreate the French Laundry (or at least a less fussy version of Keller’s flagship), FarmShop is also a marketplace that is almost a museum of the best providers in California.
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Sycamore Kitchen Revisited – Still Excellent

18 Sep

This update is mostly pictures from my latest visit to Sycamore Kitchen, the brunch place from Karen Hatfield. Spoiler: it is still incredible. In fact, the cooked dishes might actually be better than the baked goods, and *gasp* maybe even better than Huckleberry.

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JiST Cafe – Just Opened, First Bite

13 Jul

JiST Cafe is open and serving six days a week at 5am. Familiar face, redone digs, totally different menu. JiST is a promising new addition to the neighborhood, filling a (partially filled) hole in the Little Tokyo dining scene.

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Sycamore Kitchen – A New Contender for Best Brunch

11 Jul

Maybe this title is getting ahead of me. One visit is not enough to take the crown from Huckleberry (I’ve been meaning to write up Zoe Nathan’s place for a long time). But I was kind of blown away by how great Sycamore Kitchen was.
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