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101 Noodle Express Update

26 Mar

In all the hubbub about Szechuan food taking over the SGV, it’s easy to overlook an old stalwart, like 101 Noodle Express. If you haven’t been (to the mothership on Valley Blvd.) lately, it’s been remodeled and expanded. Maybe say goodbye to the awkward milling around on a Sunday afternoon for beef rolls?

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Tokyo Fried Chicken – Here’s Hoping for a TFC Double-Down

16 Oct

As much as I love the SGV, I’m sure if you live there you want to get out of East Asia sometimes. Tokyo Fried Chicken is a new attempt to get halfway out of East Asia, combining a soul food fried chicken place with Japanese.

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Half and Half Tea House – Boba with a Side of 30 Minute Wait

21 Feb


Half & Half Tea House has risen above the fray of boba shops all over the San Gabriel Valley to become the premiere boba shop. As a testament to this fact, hordes of people wait in line for a chance to suck down the intensely sweet, intensely tea-y drinks.

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85°C America – Imagine a Starbucks Where People Waited in Line for an Hour for Pastries

13 Feb

85°C is the Starbucks of Taiwan, with a branch on every corner and people from all walks of life stopping in a couple times a week for drinks — boba milk tea or sea salt lattes. 85°C has since opened 4 branches in America, all here in Southern California, but the draw is a huge assortment of breads, pastries, and fancy cakes — as well as a drink bar with many of the drinks that made them famous in Taiwan.

[* apologies for the lead photo. 98% of the clients are Asian, so this photo of the white girl in the inappropriate shirt is not representative.]
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Smiling Face Update – No Boba for Another Week!

18 Jan

I went on Sunday to boba-up at Smiling Face and heard from the owner that her supplier in Taiwan won’t be sending boba for maybe two weeks! That was on Jan 13, so you can do your own math. Keep in mind that she wasn’t sure when she would get them for sure. Until then you’ll have to either queue up at Half and Half or get one of Smiling Face’s amazing fresh grapefruit drinks. No boba, but it’s a heck of a deal when you consider what a pain the butt peeling grapefruit is.

Fooddouche review of Smiling Face

Smiling Face – Best Boba Ever

3 Jan


Yes, this place is actually an outlet of the Beard Papa chain. Yes, BP is worthy of its own post. Another time. We’re talking boba, and my never ending quest for boba perfection.

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