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Chick-Fil-A in Culver City

26 Dec

Just a quick note to say that Chick-Fil-A is now open in Culver City/Playa Vista. This stretch of Jefferson is in transition, as Playa Vista undergoes a huge expansion and CFA rises from the ashes of a forgotten Denny’s (in the most ghost town shopping center on the Westside). CFA opened with the usual hoopla of crazy people camping outside and is now settling down to becoming a fixture for Culver City and Playa Vista.
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Bird n Hand – Maybe Check the Bush First

10 Sep


Bird n Hand is a new chicken-centric place on Fairfax. There’s a lot of interesting ideas here: free range birds, harissa wings, tater tots, waffles. Add a great location, and you think, what could go wrong?

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MB Post – An Amazing Brunch with Maybe the Best Fried Chicken in LA

11 Dec

It’s old news now that David LeFevre has activated a formerly terrible are to eat (Manhattan Beach) with MB Post and most recently with Fishing with Dynamite. What had been an area full of chain restaurants and tourist traps has been gentrified with one of the tastiest new restaurants in years.
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Tokyo Fried Chicken – Here’s Hoping for a TFC Double-Down

16 Oct

As much as I love the SGV, I’m sure if you live there you want to get out of East Asia sometimes. Tokyo Fried Chicken is a new attempt to get halfway out of East Asia, combining a soul food fried chicken place with Japanese.

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