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Demitasse Update – Pain au Chocolat and Samo

31 Jan

Word out of Cafe Demitasse in Little Tokyo is that they will open a second location in Santa Monica! The third wave coffee revolution continues to spread across LA, saving citizens from the clutches of Starbucks.

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Ikemen – Ramen and Tsukemen Vying for Little Tokyo Dominance

30 Jan

Just when you thought little Little Tokyo could not have any more ramen openings, Hollywood’s Ikemen opens a branch in the very recently shuttered Curry House To Go space. Does this new entrant have anything to say?
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Yong He – Soy Milk King in Taipei!

29 Jan

Traditional Taiwanese breakfast is a bowl of soy milk alongside xiao bing you tiao — small bun, oily stick — an unsweetened cruller inside a flaky bun. We went to one of Taiwan’s most famous shops for this treat, Yong He.

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Gong Cha – Salty Boba?

24 Jan

Gong Cha is a Taiwanese chain of boba shops that gives an interesting twist – salt-laced milk froth on top of tea. For a drink that is often candy-sweet, will salt be sweet or an abomination?

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What Kind of Douchebag Would Take Pictures of Their Food?

24 Jan

The New York Times has weighed in and officially condemned taking photos of food at meals. That’s it. Blog’s over.

Here’s what happened when a woman had the nerve to take a photo of her $125 meal at Momofuku Ko in NYC:

Then came the slapdown. A man in the open kitchen asked her to please put her phone away. No photos allowed.

Restaurants Turn Camera Shy – N.Y. Times, Jan 22, 2013

L.A. Chicken – Tastes Like Lexus!

23 Jan

Never has the combination of an exclamation point and a question mark been so appropriately combined as they are on this sign for L.A. Chicken that announces, “La Chicken . . . Where the chickens taste like Lexus!?”

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Shin Yeh – Taiwanese Food Elevated

22 Jan

While Din Tai Fung is Taiwan’s most famous restaurant, and the one all the ABCs flock to, Shin Yeh may be Taiwan’s best Taiwanese restaurant.

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