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Chego Update – the King is Dead, Long Live the King

28 Mar


The news is bad this week — Roy Choi confirms that Chego is closing. The good news is that they will be reopening Chego in Chinatown, a strange choice for Choi’s Culver City/Palms-based mini-empire. I guess I was lied to by a Chego staffer I was wrong about Chego staying open in Palms.

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TWSA – Doritos Loco Taco

18 Mar

This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse: I finally got around to trying Taco Bell’s Doritos Loco taco.

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The Pie Hole – a Slice for National Pi Day

15 Mar

In celebration of 3/14, National Pi Day, I ventured back to the Pie Hole, a place I had wanted to love but found so disappointing.
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Tender Greens – Refreshed in Culver City

13 Mar

Tender Greens in Culver City has been closed for renovations for the past couple months and recently reopened with a surprisingly modest facelift. The menu is largely the same, with the notable addition of a side kale salad (it’s alright, not earthshaking).
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LYFE Kitchen – “Love (Half) Your Food Everyday”

12 Mar

LYFE Kitchen is the penance of two former McDonald’s execs. Having made their fortunes pushing 2,000 calorie, deep-fried meals, they’ve set up LYFE Kitchen with a unique, healthy concept: everything is under 600 calories. How do they manage such an incredible feat?

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The Humble Potato – Hambagas for Godzilla

8 Mar

The Humble Potato came out of nowhere. Located in one of the least interesting areas of eating in the entire City of Los Angeles (Westchester), HP brings awesome design and pretty interesting food to an area full of candidates for Kitchen Nightmares.

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The Sandwich Smith – Is Little Tokyo Ready for a $15 Sandwich Lunch?

6 Mar

Little Tokyo has been a neighborhood in mourning. Since the Spice Table stopped lunch sevice, the neighborhood has been bereft of a truly great sandwich. Mike’s Deli came to try to fill the void with quantity, but the quality angle was still lacking.
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Chego Erratum – Staying in West LA

1 Mar

I had previously posted that Chego is moving to Chinatown, but I was wrong. I took the opportunity to hit up the Chego truck and learned that Roy Choi’s fusion bibimbap place is growing into two. The Palms branch will remain, which makes sense as Roy uses it as a prep zone for his fleet of Kogi trucks. No word on when the Chinatown branch will rise.
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