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Dragon Beads Boba – a Fun Gimmick

11 Jan

During our visit to the Shilin Night Market, we also tried a couple bobas. One was forgettable, and one was the Dragon Beads boba – what the stall advertises as “filling pearl tapioca.” Boba filled with flavors. Crazy.

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Snackdouche – Doritos Golden Cheese

10 Jan

Part Four of our special Snackdouche: Taiwan edition.
The setting: TamKang Church in Danshui, Taiwan
The store: The vending machine in the lobby
The snack: Doritos – Golden Cheese flavor

A quick break in the action led to an impulse purchase of Doritos from a vending machine. What did 10 NT (about 35 cents) buy?

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Snackdouche – Doritos Late Night – BBQ Shrimp

5 Jan

Part Three of our special Snackdouche: Taiwan edition.

The setting: Taipei
The store: Wellcome [sic] in the Tien Mou district
The snack: Doritos “Late Night” – BBQ Shrimp Flavor
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Chen San Ding – the Best Boba? At Least the Sweetest Boba

3 Jan

Could the best boba drink in Taiwan be a glass of milk? I’m not ready to crown Chen San Ding the king yet, but a visit opened my eyes.
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Shilin Night Market – Part 1

3 Jan


What more can be said of the Shilin Night Market in Taipei? Like every self-respecting fooddouche, I make a beeline for the night market almost as soon as I touch down at Taoyuan Airport. In December 2011, they moved the food court to a permanent location in the basement of a new building (pictured above). I didn’t realize the site I had grown to love was a 10 year “temporary” site.

Pictures of the new food area after the jump.

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Snackdouche – McDonald’s Fried Apple Pie

2 Jan

Why would any self-respecting fooddouche waste valuable eating space visiting an American chain in Taiwan? Especially McDonald’s? Deep fried apple pies, that’s why!
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Snackdouche – Lay’s Swiss Cheese and something else like seaweed Funyuns

30 Dec

Part Two of our Snackdouche: Taiwan edition feature.

The setting: Taipei
The store: Wellcome [sic] in the Tien Mou district
The snacks: Lay’s Potato Chips, Swiss Cheese flavor; some indecipherable Taiwanese name snack which is “Fiery Seaweed” flavor
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