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Father’s Office – Previewing Helm’s Bakery Desserts

1 Aug

While Sang Yoon has fallen for the Top Chef bug, we’ll see if he starts hawking his newest venture, resurrecting the Helm’s Bakery. Yoon has already started (since February) previewing HB’s creations at Father’s Office in Culver City.

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The Humble Potato – Hambagas for Godzilla

8 Mar

The Humble Potato came out of nowhere. Located in one of the least interesting areas of eating in the entire City of Los Angeles (Westchester), HP brings awesome design and pretty interesting food to an area full of candidates for Kitchen Nightmares.

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The Spice Table – a Eulogy for a Great Lunch

28 Nov

It’s now been a couple months since the Spice Table stopped it’s lunch service. Finally, my tears have dried enough for me put thumb to phone to write out this eulogy to a fallen hero – Spice Table’s bahn mi lunch.

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Plan Check – Umami Burger in Little Osaka

19 Jul


It sounded strange when I first heard that someone was going to open a burger place on Sawtelle, the epicenter of Japanese cuisine in LA. If you could get a burger in Little Osaka before Plan Check opened, it wouldn’t have been anything to write home about (ersatz Tommy’s on Pico aside). But the news rolled in that the man behind Plan Check was responsible for the beautiful eponymous Umami Burger and that he had withheld a gimmick from the Umami cartel – ketchup leather:

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