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Lemonade at LAX — Food Upgrades at LAX

28 Feb

Reports of the rebirth of food at our local mega-airport have not been exaggerated. LAX has been sagging age-wise, and not in a fun retro way. It’s food offerings have been quite terrible for all that time, with the highlight being McDonald’s in terminal 1 or Chili’s To Go. But LAX’s overlords have decreed that they will put in high-quality, local, successful eateries, including Pink’s, Campanile (I won’t be eating there), and Lemonade.
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Essential Chocolates – Ding Dongs!

27 Feb

Essential Chocolates has two branches, one in the Westside Pavilion and one on Washington in Culver City, serving a small menu of handmade chocolates and baked goods. Full of precious confections, they serve the ultimate precious treat — an adult version of Hostess Ding Dongs.
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Half and Half Tea House – Boba with a Side of 30 Minute Wait

21 Feb


Half & Half Tea House has risen above the fray of boba shops all over the San Gabriel Valley to become the premiere boba shop. As a testament to this fact, hordes of people wait in line for a chance to suck down the intensely sweet, intensely tea-y drinks.

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Daikokuya – the Godfather of LA Ramen

20 Feb

This post is long overdue, and woefully incomplete. I lost my photos of most of my meal and haven’t replaced them yet. But the occasion of Daikokuya’s 11th anniversary necessitates a post of the place that inspired my, and most of LA’s, ramen awakening.

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Guisados – Tacodouche edition – Best Tortillas Ever

19 Feb

Guisados opened up in Boyle Heights a couple years ago in an old tamale shop. Situated next door to a tortilla maker, the killer app here is fresh masa brought over almost every hour for the freshest, most awesome tortillas ever.

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Williams-Sonoma Holiday Giant Caramel Apple

15 Feb

In very untimely fashion I present the Williams-Sonoma Holiday Giant Caramel Apple, one of my favorite treats. At $25, it’s too expensive to buy for yourself. But it’s a great example of selfish giving to gift it in a situation you know you’ll be able to join in on the love.

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Chego – More Pictures of Pre-Lapsarian Chego

14 Feb

Terrible rumor yesterday that Chego is moving to Chinatown. I don’t think it’s confirmed yet, so no need to panic until Choi bowls are no longer available on the Westside. But I’m taking the occasion to post some old photos of Chego before they closed down the storefront for “renovations.”

This could be the saddest closure since the Spice Table’s lunch service.
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