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Take 5 Bar Pie – Worth It!

31 Oct


Baking break!

Momofuku Milk Bar’s Candy Bar Pie! I’ve been baking from Christina Tosi’s cookbook, Milk Bar. Having finally mastered compost cookies and crack pie, I decided to try out her take on the Take 5 bar, my favorite candy bar.


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Men Oh Ramen – Update: Now with Tonkatsu!

29 Oct


Tried to get in on Shin Sen Gumi’s first anniversary $3 ramen sale, but not surprisingly was cheapskate-blocked by the hordes. Oh well, gave me an excuse to go back to Men Oh to give them a second look. They now have tonkatsu broth ramen.

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Merry Edwards Wines – Oaked Sauvignon Blanc

26 Oct


I know, I know. Is there anything more douchey than some winedouche talking about wine? Yes, that winedouche talking about his visits to a winery.

Well, to kick off a regular feature focusing on how the wine you drink sucks and how you should be drinking the wine I’m drinking, let’s talk about Merry Edwards.

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Aloha Cafe – At Least This Greasy Spoon Is Cheap

25 Oct


A longtime staple of the Little Tokyo community, the Aloha Cafe is your only opportunity to relive your Hawaiian plate lunch dreams in downtown (other than pricey Roy’s). Could their lunch combo waft island breezes into my life?

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A Passing Shot – 4th and Spring

25 Oct


A shot of lights on 4th Street at Main in dtla.

Starry Kitchen – R.I.P. (at least at the California Plaza)

24 Oct


Downtown lunchers have had a rough twelve months, with the closure of Chimu (the best takeout window in the history of the world) and the plumbing-related death of the Spice Table’s lunch service. Starry Kitchen also ended it’s three year run in the California Plaza. Although they’ve since shuttered and moved to the Tiara Cafe as a long-term pop up, here’s a couple photos from the last few days of the old (but not oldest) Starry Kitchen.

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Kaju Naengmyun – Kimbap Is OK

23 Oct


I had heard this place in Koreatown was great for two of my favorite Korean snacks, kimbap and ddukboki. Would Caju Naengmyun make me forget dear old mom’s versions?

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