Sycamore Kitchen Revisited – Still Excellent

18 Sep

This update is mostly pictures from my latest visit to Sycamore Kitchen, the brunch place from Karen Hatfield. Spoiler: it is still incredible. In fact, the cooked dishes might actually be better than the baked goods, and *gasp* maybe even better than Huckleberry.

Above was the pork belly hash. Here are the eggs benedict. Delicious.

Maybe my only criticism of this and other dishes is that they use spring mix salad to take up space. It’s not bad, just feels like a filler.

And of course the signature salted caramel pecan babkas.

The smoked salmon tartine. Awesome. Avocado, julienned radish, capers, sliced eggs, creme fraiche, and a really crisp, really good slice of rustic bread.

A slice of strawberry cake. Don’t get me wrong: this was good. But it tasted just like a cake from an Asian bakery. Why am I complaining? I love Asian bakery cake! It’s much lighter, almost like angel food cake, and is considerably less sweet and brightened by fresh fruit.

Hatfield’s version doesn’t really improve on the Asian bakery cake, but charges a lot more for a slice.

A couple surprisingly great cookies.

And the great not-too-sweet lemonade.



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